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Tillandsia bergeri

Common Name: Air Plant

Family: Bromeliaceae

Genus: Tillandsia

Species: T. bergeri

Leaf Color: Green to silver

Flower Color: Blue and white

Height: 8-10″

Width: 12-14″

Lifespan: Several years

Watering: Mist two or three times per week

Propagation: Seeds and pups

Natural Habitat: Brazil

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Tillandsia bergeri Care

This common air plant variety is easy to grow and makes a great addition to any indoor space. Tillandsia bergeri can be mounted on driftwood, hung from a macrame hanger, or set on a shelf or windowsill. Here are some tips for caring for Tillandsia bergeri:


This low-maintenance air plant variety prefers to be misted two or three times per week. If you live in a particularly dry climate, you may need to increase the frequency of watering.


Tillandsia bergeri thrives in bright, indirect light.


Native to Brazil, Tillandsia bergeri is used to warm weather and can tolerate temperatures up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fertilize Tillandsia bergeri once a week using a Tillandsia fertilizer.


This air plant variety produces blue and white flowers. After the flowers bloom, pups (offsets) will form at the base of the plant.

Tillandsia bergeri Habitat

Tillandsia bergeri is native to Brazil, where it grows on rocks and trees in humid rainforests.

Tillandsia bergeri Lifespan

With proper care, Tillandsia bergeri can live for several years.

Propagating Tillandsia bergeri

Tillandsia bergeri can be propagated from seed or pups. Pup propagation allows you to quickly grow many Tillandsia bergeri plants from a single mother plant.

Tillandsia bergeri Toxicity

This air plant variety is non-toxic and safe for humans, pets, and wildlife.