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Tillandsia filifolia

Common Name: Air Plant

Family: Bromeliaceae

Genus: Tillandsia

Species: T. filifolia

Leaf Color: Evergreen, thin and wispy green

Flower Color: White to light purple

Height: 5-6″

Width: 3-4″

Lifespan: Several years

Watering: Mist three or four times per week

Propagation: Seeds and pups

Natural Habitat: Costa Rica, Mexico

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Tillandsia filifolia Care

Tillandsia Filifolia is a species of Tillandsia native to Mexico and Costa Rica. It is a fast-growing epiphyte that can reach up to 6 inches in height. The leaves are thin and wispy, ranging in color from green to silver-green. The flowers are white to light purple and appear in clusters at the tips of the leaves.

Caring for Tillandsia Filifolia is easy.


Mist three or four times per week. If the leaves start to curl, that means the plant is thirsty and needs more water.


This plant is naturally found in shady areas, so it does not need direct sunlight. However, it will benefit from bright, indirect light.


Like its natural habitat, Tillandsia Filifolia prefers warm temperatures. It can tolerate some temperature fluctuations, but it should not be allowed to get too cold (below 50 degrees Fahrenheit).


If you want to fertilize your Tillandsia Filifolia, use a water-soluble fertilizer designed for epiphytic plants. Apply the fertilizer to the leaves about once a month.

Tillandsia filifolia Habitat

Tillandsia Filifolia is native to Costa Rica and Mexico, where it grows on trees and rocks in shady, humid areas.

Tillandsia filifolia Lifespan

Tillandsia Filifolia is a long-lived plant and can remain healthy for several years with proper care.

Propagating Tillandsia filifolia

Tillandsia Filifolia can be propagated by seeds or pups (offsets).

Tillandsia filifolia Toxicity

Tillandsia Filifolia is non-toxic to humans and animals.