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Tillandsia flexuosa

Common Name: Twisted air plant, Banded air plant

Family: Bromeliaceae

Genus: Tillandsia

Species: T. flexuosa

Leaf Color: Green

Flower Color: White, pink or dark red

Height: 4-6″

Width: 1-2″

Lifespan: Several years

Watering: Submerge 10 minutes – once a week

Propagation: Seeds and pups

Natural Habitat: Florida, Mexico, Central America, and Northern South America

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Tillandsia flexuosa Care

This beautiful air plant gets its name from its long, thin, flexible leaves. The leaves are green and have silvery dusting thanks to the trichomes that help the plant absorb water and nutrients. Widespread in Florida and Mexico, this air plant can get up to 6 inches tall. If you are looking for a no-fuss air plant that is sure to make a statement, Tillandsia flexuosa is the one for you!

Here’s how to care for your Tillandsia flexuosa:


This air plant does best when it is submerged in water for 10 minutes once a week. Be sure to shake off any excess water and allowed the plant to dry completely before putting it back in its container.


Like most air plants, Tillandsia flexuosa enjoys bright, indirect light.


Given the naturally warm and humid habitat of Tillandsia flexuosa, this air plant does best in warm temperatures. If you live in a cooler climate, make sure to keep your air plant in a warm spot out of drafts.


The flowers that the Tillandsia flexuosa produces are very pretty. They can be white, pink or dark red in color.

Tillandsia flexuosa Habitat

This air plant is native to Florida, Mexico and Central America. It can also be found in parts of South America.

Tillandsia flexuosa Lifespan

Expect your Tillandsia flexuosa to live several years with proper care.

Propagating Tillandsia flexuosa

If you want to have several of these beautiful air plants, you can propagate them by seeds or pups. Pups are much easier and require less patience than growing them from seed.

Tillandsia flexuosa Toxicity

This air plant is non-toxic, making it safe for pets and children.