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Tillandsia pseudobaileyi

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi

Common Name: Air Plant

Family: Bromeliaceae

Genus: Tillandsia

Species: T. pseudobaileyi

Leaf Color: Green to light green – base covered in trichomes

Flower Color: Purple

Height: 7-9″

Width: 4-5″

Lifespan: Several years

Watering: Submerge 10 minutes – once a week

Propagation: Seeds and pups

Natural Habitat: Mexico and Northern South America

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi Care

This wiry-looking air plant gets its name from its similarity to Tillandsia baileyi. It’s a fast grower that can reach up to 9 inches in height. The leaves are a light green color with a trichome-covered base. The flowers are purple and will only bloom once in their lifetime.

Like all Tillandsias, T. pseudobaileyi is very easy to care for. Here are a few tips:


Submerge in water for about 10 minutes once a week. If the plant is growing pups, increase watering to twice a week.


Bright, indirect light is best. T. pseudobaileyi can tolerate some direct sun, but not for long periods of time.


Average room temperatures are just fine. If outdoors, make sure the temperature doesn’t drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fertilize monthly with a Tillandsia fertilizer or a diluted all-purpose fertilizer.


While the flowers that the plant produces are very small, they produce a beautiful purple.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi Habitat

T. pseudobaileyi is native to Mexico and Northern South America. In its natural habitat.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi Lifespan

Like all air plants, the Tillandsia pseudobaileyi has a very long lifespan. With proper care, it can live several years.

Propagating Tillandsia pseudobaileyi

T. pseudobaileyi can be propagated by seeds or pups. Pups should be cut away and cared for as new plants.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi Toxicity

This plant is non-toxic and safe for pets and humans.